Kami menggunakan analisis kuki dan teknologi penjejakan lain untuk memberi anda pengalaman pengguna yang lebih baik. Dengan terus menggunakan laman web rasmi kami, anda mengesahkan dan menyetujui dasar perlindungan privasi kami. Untuk maklumat lebih lanjut mengenai dasar perlindungan privasi, lihat dasar perlindungan privasi .


Taipei Medical University Privacy Policy

Welcome for visiting “Taipei Medical University International Healthcare Center” (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). The Website is operated by Taipei Medical University (hereinafter referred to as “TMU”). The Website will collect, process, and use your personal data complying with R.O.C. (Taiwan) Personal Data Protection Act (hereinafter referred to as “PDPA”) and this Privacy Policy, and promise to respect and protect your privacy in the Website. We hereby inform you the Privacy Policy of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) in order to protect your rights. Please read it carefully.

1. About the Privacy Policy

1) The Policy will be applied to any and all activities of collecting, processing, using, and international transmitting personal data when using the websites, domains, services, applications provided by TMU. Nonetheless, where there are other privacy policies specially governing specific networks or services, the privacy policies shall prevail or supplement. The Policy is applied to the customers located in the members of European Economic Area (hereinafter referred to as “EEA”), also including the corporates and residents governed by the General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”, as well, and includes the acts of providing services in and processing any personal data related to the members of EEA.
2) The Policy is neither applied to the corporates not owned or controlled by TMU nor to the persons not hired or managed by TMU.
3) Please read the Policy carefully before you decide to use the service provided by the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) .
4) To respond to the change of trend and modification of law, the Website reserves the right to modify or alter the contents of the Policy at any time so you need to check the Policy frequently to understand your current rights and obligations hereunder. If you keep on using the Service after any modification or alteration of the Policy, it is deemed that you consent to the modification and alteration of the Policy.

2. The Purpose, Method, and Scope of Use of Data Collection

1) For the purposes of marketing, consumer protection, consumer/customer management and service and other services of electronic commerce, accounting management, contract/contract-like relationship or other legal affairs, investigation/statistics, research and analysis, information and database management, and collecting, processing, and using personal data by the non-government agency under legal obligations, for the aforementioned purposes in the scope of necessity the Website will collect, process, and use your personal data.
2) In accordance with Article 6 of PDPA, data pertaining to a natural person's medical records, healthcare, genetics, sex life, and physical examination shall not be collected, processed or used unless the data subject consent in writing. Therefore, if you want to provide the aforementioned personal data because of using the products or services of the Website, the Website cannot provide the products or services until you complete and upload the written consent to collecting, processing, and using personal data and sent the written consent to the address appointed by the Website, or until you complete the electronic documents of consent to collecting, processing, and using personal data that are with legal effect under the governing law to substitute for the written documents.
3) The Website will collect your personal data when you fill in the appointment and consultation form, register an account of the Website, use products and services, browse webpages of the Website or some working partners, and participate in activities of promotion or marketing. The Website will never give your personal data to any third party. However, the Website may combine your personal data provided by business partners or affiliated enterprises with the data kept by the Website, or share your personal data with them according to the aforementioned purposes.
4) When filling in the appointment and consultation form or registering in the Website, you need to provide user name, email address, cellule phone number, and so on. You are free to choose whether to provide us with your personal data but if you do not want to fill in some data that are required in the form, since those are necessary for providing relevant products and services, you will be unable to use those products and services.
5) The Website will collect the information of transaction occurred between you and us or our business partners including relevant information that you use the products and services provided by the Website according to the aforementioned purposes.
6) The Website will automatically receive and record the information from your computer or browser including IP address, cookies of the Website, and the webpages you have browsed.
7) During the period you use the products and services of the Website, the Website in the territory of the whole world will use the data collected in the following uses: to customize advertisement and the contents of webpages you will see, to satisfy your demand to products and services, to upgrade products and services, to contact customers, and to provide inside or outside customers with marketing analysis or business report that your personal data will not be identified.
8) When collecting, processing, and using personal data, the Website will highly comply with the object and policy of personal data management and the Website has perfect security plan to protect the safety of personal data so you may provide your personal data to the Website without worry. The Website will never give your personal data to any third party and unauthorized use by inside staff will be strictly prohibited as well. The Website will strictly protect the personal data of the customers collected.  Any person using these data must be duly authorized and in proper situations and relevant using records will be reserved by the Website.
9) After you consent the collection, processing, and use of your personal data by the Website, you may by sending email to customer service address <tmuhealthcare@tmu.edu.tw> to withdraw your consent at any time.  However, the withdraw will not influence the legal effect of any activities done before it.

3. Share and Disclosure of Data

Unless for providing you with the products and services you required, obtaining your authorization, or any situations prescribed below, the Website will never give your personal data to or share them with any third party:
(a) Based on the necessary treatment to perform the agreement with you or the necessary action must be taken before the execution of the agreement, after you fill in the appointment and consultation form and upload your written consent to collecting, processing, and using your personal data, or you complete the aforementioned electronic documents of consent to collecting, processing, and using personal data, and you provide electronic files of diagnostic summary, examination reports and various image data, and reposts of pathological sections made within last three (3) months, we will give your personal data to TMU affiliated hospitals and we will assign an international medical specialist of the affiliated hospitals for you to arrange you to an TMU affiliated hospital for service and offer various assistance.
(b) We will provide these data to the personnel who have signed non-disclosure agreements representing the Website and our reliable working partners. These companies may use your personal data to assist the Website in communication with you regarding the products and services provided by us and our partners. Nonetheless, these companies have no independent right to share these data with others and cannot use your personal data for the purposes irrelevant to the aforementioned purposes;
(c) for conforming to applicable laws, regulations, or government orders, or legitimately for preventing the right, property, and safety of the Website, users, or the public from danger;
(d) To respond to subpoenas or orders from the court, to obtain or exercise legal rights, or to claim or defense in litigations;
(e) We consider it is necessary to share your personal data under the circumstances of investigation and prevention of illegal activities, involvement in fraudulence, threat to personal safety of the specific individual, violation of service policy of the Website, or taking reactive measure against the aforementioned situations, or otherwise required by law.
(f) In the event that the whole or part of the Website is been merged or acquired by some other company, we will transfer your personal data to the company. Nonetheless, the Website will advise you the transfer in advance and you have the right to ask the Website to erase your personal data before the transfer.

4. Your Rights and Benefits to Personal Data

Unless otherwise provided by law, in accordance with Article 3 of PDPA, you have the following rights to your personal data kept by the Website:
(a) To make an inquiry of, to review, or to request a copy of your personal data, but the Website may charge essential costs according to the law;
(b) To supplement or correct your personal data;
(c) To demand the omission of your personal data and the cessation of collection, process, or use of the data;

5. Cookie

1) For the convenience of users, the Website will set in your computer and access the Cookie of the Website in order to provide more customized service for each user.
2) You may decide whether to allow the application of Cookie by setting your personal computers or internet access devices. Nonetheless, this may cause inconvenience when using services of the Website or some functions not working normally.

6. Information Security

1) The Website will adopt proper methods of security to prevent from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or damage. The methods include internal examination to the customs of collection, deposit, processing, and methods of security, and methods of security of hardware to prevent the personal data saved in the Website to be access unauthorized. However, 100% of safety cannot be guaranteed for the data transmitted on the internet. No matter how hard the Website try to protect your personal data, since the security of your environment for transmitting personal data is an influential factor, the Website cannot confirm or guarantee the safety of your personal data sent or received on the platform provided by the Website. You still need to take care and bear the risk of data transmission.
2) In the event that your personal data are divulged and caused a high risk of damage to your rights and freedom, the Website will notify you within 72 hours upon it is found.

7. Measures of Self Protection

1) Please keep your password and any personal data properly and do not give any personal data, especially the password, to anyone. When you finish the function that can be used only by the member who has signed in correctly, please make sure you have signed out. If you share the computer with others or use a public computer, please make sure you have close the browser to prevent others from reading your letters or any personal data.
2) Any websites linked from but not set by the Website, TMU, or TMU affiliated hospitals have neither legally subordinative or supervisory relationship directly or indirectly nor any relationship of alliance, league, or mutual guarantee with TMU. TMU will not guarantee or take any other legal or factual responsibilities or meanings to the contents of other websites linked. Please pay attention and understand.

8. Rights to Access, Rectification, Be Forgotten/Erasure, Restriction of Processing, Portability, Objection

Unless otherwise provided in GDPR or other applicable laws, the customer may use our service mailbox <tmuhealthcare@tmu.edu.tw> to contact the Website with regard to the username and password, specific personal data, the records of Cookie, for exercising the right to access, the right to rectification, the rights to be forgotten and data erasure, the right to restriction of processing, the right to data portability, the right to objection. The Website will complete users’ requests as soon as possible after the customer provides truly reliable relevant information to assist the Website to examine relevant personal identity and data.

9. Dispute Resolution

Should there is any dispute arising out of the Policy, both parties hereof agree that Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the competent jurisdiction.

10. Contact

If you have any questions or suggestions on the Policy or the Website, please email our service mailbox.

11. TMU reserves the right to create, modify, update, and interpret this Policy

12. This Policy is promulgated and effective on Oct., 1st, 2020.